Running Angel's Staircase at 8,000 feet
 Photo by Glenn Tachiyama

I wasn't always so keen on this sport. I used to regard running as a loathsome, necessary evil to support my soccer habit. Growing up in pancake-flat Kansas, leaping a few inches into the air for a header was about as high as I got in my athletic feats.

After two years of playing JV soccer in high school and tiring of the time commitment, I quit. I took up running on my own as a way to combat the stresses of teenagehood, and spent years pretending to be one of those crazy people who actually enjoyed running; I didn't really, yet.

In 2009, I loaded up my car and left the Midwest. Pacific-Northwest-bound, I settled in Seattle and got myself a part-time job at REI, where I met some great, inspiring folks with serious passion for the outdoors. Several of the especially nutty ones talked me into trying the crazy sport of trail running. I fell in love, and wrote about my discovery.

My passion for running fuels many of my ongoing creative projects and, as with most sports, the lessons I learn in training and competing are good metaphors for the rest of life. I've met, and been inspired by, many incredible folks in the great trail-running community - and have been incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity here and there to write about running for "work"!

Currently, I work as the Associate Editor of Trail Runner magazine in Carbondale, Colorado, but I'll soon be leaving my post to pursue a freelance writing/editing career and book project.

2014 Race Calendar (Updated 11/10/14)
February 15: Moab's Red Hot 33K
May 4: Fort Collins Marathon
May 17: Sage Burner 50K
June 21: San Juan Solstice 50
July: "Softrock"
July 11-12: Pacing friend at Hardrock 100
August 16-17: Pacing friend at Leadville 100
September 26-27: The Bear 100
November 1-2: Pinhoti Trail 100

Road Marathon PR
Las Vegas Rock 'n Roll Marathon, Dec. 2011 - 3:36:36

Trail 50K PR
Vashon Ultra, June 2012 - 4:57:50

Trail 50-Mile PR
White River, July 2012 - 9:53:34

Trail 100-Mile PR
Pinhoti Trail, November 2014 - 25:57

Finishing my first 50K, Vashon Ultra 2010