Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cleveland nostalgia

I miss this day last year.

It feels wrong, being in a city that doesn't even have a parade on St. Patrick's Day itself...I much prefer Cleveland's attitude: Holiday on a Wednesday? No problem; life can wait...put everything else on hold and be festive from dawn to dusk anyway.

The official parade here, apparently, was already held last weekend. I missed it completely. And there's been nothing anywhere in town today to indicate that today is, in fact, St. Patrick's Day. Lame. I miss my green eggs and Guinness for breakfast with Aseem last year, going downtown to catch the parade, stopping for Irish car bombs along the way, spending all afternoon lazing around on a sun-splashed balcony with good friends, and finishing up the evening at the good ol' Loco Leprechaun (everybody's favorite Irish Cantina!) in Westlake. Boo.

Today, Midwest, I miss thee.

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