Tuesday, May 25, 2010

G.O. Saves the Day Again

Three work shifts today...I haven't had time for a darn thing lately, including buying myself food to eat. I somehow managed to get semi-lost between tutoring in Madrona/Capitol Hill this evening and getting up to Greenlake, and just as I was lamenting my rumbling stomach for lack of a proper dinner between everything, I turned a corner, and BOOM, there was Grocery Outlet. Like a sign from God.

Highlight of my haul this week:

'Nuff said.

Leaving on a jet plane in 72 hours...as pumped as I am to see good friends and for Black River pancakes and running at French Creek and Cedar Point and Feve tots and visiting Dick's and Great Lakes microbrews and West Side Market and Commencement and lazy afternoons at Oberlin Market...the biggest excitement on my list right now of Things to Look Forward To is just catching up on sleep. Slumber is so sweet. Speaking of which...

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