Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More gazelle-ing

The obligatory shoe photo.

A perfect summer day, in absolutely every way. Let me count the ways.

Woke up to 73-degree blazing sunshine. Walked down to Belltown for a yummy brunch with Seyeon at Portage Bay Cafe. Walked back up the hill together for frozen custard. Sat in the sunshine for four hours to catch up. Walked home, hopped in my car (more optimistic impulse!) and drove out east to attempt to run up Mount Si.

Miraculously, it went MUCH BETTER this time around than the last time. I actually ran up more than I hiked this time (probably 70% vs. 30%) and although it was still hard, especially the last mile, it didn't feel unreasonable to imagine that I might someday be able to run the entire thing...a feat I previously thought to be absolutely implausible.

A nice place to spend the evening

Mount Rainier in the distance

Puget Sound and Seattle skyline, as seen from the top of Mount Si

Panoramic video here:

Tomorrow's supposed to be rainy, but fortunately my plans for the day mostly involve indoor activities for once...glad I got my sunshine in today. We live in a beautiful world.

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