Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Midday mountain fix

My day yesterday:

6 hour work shift
2 hours running up and down a mountain
4 hours of school
Late night grocery shopping

Heaven. It was a tightly scheduled day, and I was ten minutes late to class. Ten minutes is, without coincidence, also how long I saw at the top of Mount Si, basking in the sun and solitude and fresh air, looking out over epic views of Rainier and the valley 4,000 feet below me.

Even for my punctuality-driven self, this moment was worth my tardiness to school.

Still can't get over it...sitting on a mountain peak at 3:30 p.m., sitting in a classroom back in Seattle an hour and a half later. I love this state.

And I'd forgotten how much I love running up and down mountains. I'll find the time to write more about my past weekend at Orcas Island, which prompted me to recall the extent of that love, but the time is not tonight...must sleep.

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