Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Road Trip Redux


In case anybody is bored with my Seattle raves already and nostalgic for the life-on-the-road entries that dominated this blog in its fledgling days...fear not! I'm making the whole drive again this week! (Crazy, right?)

Granted, there will be some key differences. Let's count 'em:
Last Time
In my Passat
Via I-80, mostly
Over the course of 6 days
Staying w/ friends
This Time
With Alan
In a 16' moving truck
Via I-90, mostly
Over 3 days
Camping along the way

In other words, a general improvement. (Though all those hikes last time were nice!) There's something epic and momentous about a solo cross country road trip in my trusty little car with everything I could jam inside of it...but it's something else entirely to really, truly be moving my entire life and worldly possessions out here with me.

Beautiful cross-country roads, I'm coming back for more!

Alan and I, somewhat foolishly but in good humor and silliness, made a bet awhile back (incidentally, while I was driving through Wyoming last time, almost a month ago now) about what people from Wyoming are called. Wyomingans? (My guess.) Wyomingers? (His.) The stake was radio rights in the state of Wyoming on our August road trip together.

The correct answer, curiously enough, is Wyomingites. Who knew? Obviously, neither of us. Fortunately, though, MapQuest tells me we'll hardly be in Wyoming anyway this time around, since we'll be taking an entirely different route than the way I came up before. Depending on the wi-fi situations in whatever obscure campgrounds we wind up crashing in deep in the Black Hills of South Dakota and the depths of rural Montana, I may or may not be able to update the blog as we go. But for the record, I'm flying back to Kansas City tomorrow, and the epic road trip redux will commence on Saturday morning. (Probably at least another blogpost here before we hit the road...)

I'm going to be gone less than a week - and gosh, I already feel a little like a kid clutching desperately to a parent's leg on the first day of kindergarten...I'm not ready to be left alone without my beloved Northwest landscape and 65-degree weather!

(P.S. I hope you enjoyed the above table of side-by-side comparisons. Formatting courtesy of my HTML brush-up this past week. Be ready for a super awesome Yitka website to emerge sometime in the next month or so.)

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