Monday, August 31, 2009

Cup o' Joe Monday: Installment II

8 oz. Bauhaus Cappuccino - smooth & delicious

This week, I took an UrbanSpoon recommendation and trekked across town to the local favorite Bauhaus Books and Coffee on Pine Street. Upon arriving there, I instantly felt a strong sense of deja vu that made me wonder if I'd been there before...anyone who was with me on the Seattle journalism conference trip in 2005 remember this place?

Bauhaus features one of my favorite traits that a coffee shop can sport: a lofted, indoor balcony-esque second floor. Although the second floor windows leave something to be desired (tall, narrow panes that give off a bit of an old garage/prison feel, versus the huge, completely open windows below them), the view afforded is fantastic. Bauhaus sits right between Capitol Hill and downtown, so you get a little bit of everything: a view of the Space Needle (which drifted in and out of cloud cover all morning), a distinctly urban landscape of skyscrapers, people-watching on the sidewalk outside, and from the lofted second floor, a great aerial view of the coffee shop buzz below. I sat directly above the baristas' counter and could listen to the delightful whirr of the espresso machine, smell the aroma of the coffee beans all day long from my vantage spot.

A ten-tiered bookcase spans the entire eastern wall, left to right, top to bottom, filled with old books - Encyclopedia Brittanica sets, World Book sets and the likes on the upper shelves, and dusty volumes of photography, art history, literature, etc. available for easy browsing.

In true great-independent-coffeeshop style, the line was out the door when I arrived (circa 9:30 a.m.) This meant a little bit of a wait to get my coffee, but there was fun music (think early 2000's radio play: Eve, Shaggy, etc.) and atmosphere to keep me company, along with a tantalizing display case of croissants, scones, muffins and some of the biggest snickerdoodles I've ever seen. + They sell Kool-Aid. Free wi-fi and treats for your dog if you've got one. Definitely will be a place I return to in the future!

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  1. I'm having trouble placing this place--what's the cross-street? I was also going to ask you what kind of bookstore it is, given that the books on the shelves looked like...encyclopedias. But I gather it's not really a bookstore, right?

    Anyway, the Seattle tourist office should be paying you. You're making the city look pretty spectacular.