Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today, I officially registered for the Seattle marathon! I tried to do so online, but was confronted with a fairly sizable online processing fee that, in my current saving mindset, I didn't particularly feel like shelling out.

So I did the only logical thing: laced up my new running shoes and set out for a 12.5-mile round trip run to Super Jock 'n Jill, a local Seattle running store, where I could register in person.

First of all, that store is awesome. It was one of the places where I initially applied for a job, and got asked for an interview, but had already nailed down the job situation by then. BUT the manager there, Ty, is great - down-to-Earth, personable, and when I tried to buy an energy GU gel there today (6.5 miles into my run), he gave it to me for free, along with a giant cup of water to wash it down. I filled out my registration form there, got sweat all over it, and happily turned it in. It's official: I'll be running the 2009 Seattle Marathon in two months!

The run itself today was fantastic - building upon two 10-milers, a 19-miler and an intense cycling class over the past week (not to mention +/- 20 miles walk-commuted as well this week!) - The sun came out halfway through, and I got fabulously lost on some trails in the super-lush forest ravine of Ravenna Park, as well as making footprints in a handful of other city parks today: Denny, Gasworks, Boren, Woodland, Volunteer, Cowan, Greenlake, Interlaken, stretches of the Burke-Gilman Trail I hadn't been on yet...the list goes on and on. Parks are everywhere! They break up the urban scenery and allow for plenty of long, intersection/stoplight-free stretches to run. Exploring them is a blast.

Basically? I'm happy. Running consistently injury-free for the first time in my life is fabulous. *Knocks on wood.* I contribute it all to hill-training in Seattle. I'm faster than I've ever been, and capable of mileage I've never even approached before, even when I was marathon-training a couple summers ago. Wish me luck on my endeavor!

Old meets new: From right to left, the pair of shoes I ran the Cleveland Half in, and the new pair I will run the Seattle full in!

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