Monday, September 7, 2009

Cup o' Joe Monday: Installment III

Fuel Coffee

Happy Labor Day! Fortunately, the holiday doesn't stop Seattle's coffeeshops from opening their doors. Seyeon and I woke up at the bright and early (i.e. overcast and drizzly) hour of 6:30 a.m. this morning to squeeze in Cup o' Joe Monday before observing the holiday with...all-day work shifts at our respective jobs! Woohoo for The Working Life!

So, we hit up Fuel Coffee on 19th Ave. Fuel has 3 locations around Seattle. This one's tucked into a lovely little strip of shops, cafes and restaurants in the middle of an otherwise sleepy, quiet residential neighborhood. If coffeeshops with lofted balconies are my favorite feature, those with free refills are a close second. Fuel boasts the latter, along with free wi-fi, as well as access to High 5 Pies, an entrepreneurial pie venture by the same woman who founded Fuel itself.

The atmosphere at Fuel is great. We arrived three minutes after they opened, and had the place to ourselves for about fifteen before the morning crowds started coming in - young twentysomethings, older couples, even a family who came in for coffee, bagels and reading together around a table. The baristas were great - down-to-Earth, really friendly and engaging, and enthusiastic about my Cup o' Joe blog project as Seyeon told them about it.

Best music of anywhere I've gone so far - relaxing folksy indie music at the perfect volume. The coffee itself gets a real thumbs-up, too. Espresso drinks seemed a little pricey, so I just went for straight up drip coffee, but it was wonderfully smooth. Great artwork on the walls, really tastefully done, and a bookcase full of books, maps, zines, travel guides and puzzles for browsing and playing with. + Lovely lighting!

Will definitely be coming here again!

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