Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Seattleite Essentials

Brainchild of a recent hike: my list of 10 Seattleite Essentials! Feel free to comment, add, subtract, protest, express offense, etc. I know it's a departure from my usual blog material, and the potentially controversial mix of self-deprecating humor and amused social critique is a little edgier than I usually opt for, but here goes:

1. Beard, bearded boyfriend, beard envy, or all of the above
2. Reusable Trader Joe's shopping bags
3. Waterproof commuter backpack
4. Forest green Subaru and/or cornflower blue Prius
5. Obama/Biden bumper sticker
6. Pair of Chacos
7. Sounders FC scarf
8. Kindle
9. Cup of Vivace espresso
10. Chocolate lab

(I'm 2/10 so far, and clearly failing at my own game.)

Runners Up Include: NPR messenger bag, utility kilt, fixy bike, hiker chick girlfriend, home espresso machine, Vibram Fivefingers, cloves, microbrew snobbery, altimeter watch, MacBook, backyard compost.

(4/12 this time!)

Back to the usual blog material soon, including my Hike-a-thon update, but first I have to hike some more. And not be working 58-hour work weeks so I can actually have the time to update my blog! That's all for now, folks.

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