Monday, November 30, 2009

Cup o' Joe at Joe Bar

Morning Glory Chai, Joe Bar (Scrabble game not included)

Well, my legs are still in pain. A good night's rest helped a lot, and I woke up optimistically thinking today was going to be better - but they've gotten progressively more and more sore as the day's gone on. It's 8:45 p.m. now and I've been reduced once more to hobbling around on stick-straight legs. It's almost as though all the muscle in my quads withered up after yesterday, and there's absolutely nothing in there anymore to support bending my knees while in any kind of weight-bearing position. Going down stairs is nearly impossible. Aiee...

Most all the leaves have fallen here by now.

Despite that, I walked with Seyeon and Alan today in hopes of loosening things up a bit; walking definitely helps. And true to form, we walked to a little hole-in-the-wall spot at the north end of Broadway on Capitol Hill - Joe Bar (appropriately named for the Monday tradition, no?)

I'd actually been to this place before, for hot chocolate with Jess one time after work. I loved it then, and had somehow just forgotten to ever officially write it up for the blog. But Alan and I were back over in Seyeon's neighborhood today, as we had a big brunch together at her place (Seyeon made a fantastic egg/potato/tofurkey-sausage scramble + we did some Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes, yum) and then started to play Scrabble, but decided to pick up our game and take it to a coffeeshop to finish.

What I discovered today is that Joe Bar has a fantastic crepe-making apparatus in house as well, which loosely resembles a record player with dual turntables. They do all kinds of sweet or savory combinations, many of which involve fantastic ingredients like Nutella and chevre cheese (not all, of course, in the same crepe, but you get the idea...the combinations and possibilities are endless!) They also serve (reasonably priced) beer.

Definite thumbs up on music - Soul Coughing was in the mix today, which made me happy. People-watching was good too, since the windows are big, the sidewalk right there and full of interesting Broadway passersby (Broadway is to Seattle as Haight Ashbury is to San Francisco), and one of Seattle's best old timey, single-screen theaters is just across the street. I also like the funky green interior, the old-building vibe, and the understated artwork in simple black frames on the walls. Overall a definite positive for atmosphere.

Seating is a little sparse - though it's not been a problem either time I've been. There are two basic rooms to the place, two floors, two sets of stairs...the upstairs gets a little toasty (the opposite issue I had at last week's Co'J spot!), but it matched the steaming competition and rivalry of our all-afternoon Scrabble game. The baristas, two really friendly guys, cheered on the competition and also let us know that they've got a Scrabble board and dictionary on hand in case we don't want to lug over our own next time. Very cool. Bonus points for word-game enthusiasm.

It was a good day.

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