Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It started to rain

Cup o' Joe Mondays are taking this week off :/ My excuses:

Alan in town + U-hauling the rest of my junk out of my storage unit + bookcase shopping + getting furniture moved into the apartment + my last big marathon training run (21 miles in 3 hours of pouring rain) + a couple seriously long work shifts


No time for lounging in coffeeshops. Just a caffeinated GU energy gel on my run yesterday..."Orange Burst" flavor. (Not recommended.) Since then, I've been basically inhaling food like it's nobody's business. 19 days until race day!

There will be a more substantial entry soon, hopefully complete with photos as Alan and I get things more organized, arranged, decorated, etc. Meanwhile, the skies continue to pour and pour and pour. I had enough foresight to take along my rain jacket when I went to work this morning, but it wasn't enough to keep my jeans and shoes from getting absolutely soaked on the walk home at night. I've learned at least one particular sidewalk corner to dodge, though, to avoid getting drenched in a ten-foot tidal wave of puddle-water when cars come plowing through. An important skill, undoubtedly...

Anyway. I guess they weren't kidding about the rain.

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