Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lost in Seattle: A Photo Diary

A photo diary of my whimsical autumn day:


63 degrees & sunny in Seattle. My coworker and friend Jess drove up to Seattle for the afternoon with three of her classmates from her instrument repair program at Renton Technical College, and the five of us had ourselves a grand adventure wandering aimlessly around the city for several hours.

I wore my new boots. And a skirt.

Our first stop was a glassblowers' studio downtown.

Next: Top Pot Doughnuts. Hailed the best doughnuts in all of Seattle. My gi-normous and tasty maple bar met all expectations.

Next: Wandering around the Space Needle.

Next: Experience Music Project and the Sci-Fi Museum of Seattle.

Let's be honest; I thought the Sci-Fi Museum was going to be a dorky compendium of Trekkie memorabilia. BUT I walked through the doors and what was the first thing I saw? An Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind poster! I'd never really conceived of my favorite movie of all time as sci-fi, so it was cool to read about the museum's take on its sci-fi elements. Among other fun personal pop culture favorites addressed in the museum: The Matrix, The Jetsons, Logan's Run, and many more works of literature than I expected. Good stuff.

Guitar display at the Seattle EMP.

The EMP was a blast, too, mostly because I got to experience it with some serious music geeks who knew how to rock out on all the various play-it-yourself music stations and jam rooms throughout the place. We created virtual drumming circles and I learned some guitar chords and Jess and her friend Greg had an impromptu dual piano jam session.

Good fun. Made me miss being surrounded with all the musical talent at Oberlin.

Throwback to my days at Stanford: fountain-hopping by night! In this case, at the Seattle Center...

Five years ago, when I was still in Kansas, Seyeon called me late one night and left a voicemail rambling excitedly about how I should move to Seattle because it had just been named the number one city for readers nationwide. Given the amount of poetry that's all over Seattle's urban hotspots, I'd say I'm not surprised!

e.e. cummings etched in granite in a Seattle park, or
A perfect summary of November 4, 2009 in Yitka's life

We finished up with some super-tasty Thai food at a place called "Phuket" in Lower Queen Anne. Yum.

So, despite today being a goofy tourist adventure (I even pulled the classic unfolding-the-giant-city-map-while-walking-downtown move, AWESOME), I did get to walk back to my new home at the end of all this. Yes, that's right - all of the above are within walking distance of my doorstep. And tomorrow, I will wake up, hopefully do what I like to call "10 Before 10" (10 miles before 10 idea borrowed from someone who does "6 before 6", which is, yes, less running, but nevertheless far more ambitious than what I aim to tackle), and walk to work; I'll toast to that.

Also, just discovered that on a clear day, there's a spectacular view of Rainier just a couple blocks away from the apartment, too.

So yup, this place is beginning to feel like...

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  1. hooray for the seattle center! it is where i spend quite a bit of free time, although less now that 'emma' has opened. lower queen anne is pretty excellent too; you should pop into mercer street books at some point. lovely place and the lady who runs it is very nice - we got into a conversation about library nerdom the other day. i also have a recommendation for your coffee experiences: kaladi brothers in capitol hill. my roommate janelle works there so i've gotten free samples of their espresso AND their pecan bar, which if you have a chance you should get because it is fucking delicious. my parents are coming to visit for a few days next week and they would love to see you, so let me know if you're free sometime wednesday-friday. we should also hang out soon without parentals, yes? glad your kitty made it to seattle!